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Unveil your imagination with Asian Hack 2019

When I first heard the word ‘Hackathon’, I started assuming that it would be a competition based on hacking other’s computer or breaching information.

But all those things turned into myths when I first visited ” Asian hack 2018” last year. I get to know the true meaning of hackathon through “Asian Hack”.

What is Hackathon?

Hackathon (also called as a hack day, codefest or hack fest) is an event where people from different field or genre but with the same mindset come together to create a real-time solution for real-world problems.

The word “hackathon” is a combination of two words “hack” and “marathon” where “hack” refers to novelty method, not as unauthorized accessing.
It involves creating any proper functioning hardware or software by the end of the program. Hackathons generally have certain focus including application used, the operating system, artificial intelligence(AI), Internet of things(IoT), website and many more. Particularly there are no restrictions on the type of software being created.

Asian Hack 2019 Welcome to Asianhack 2019.
-Mr. Robo

Asian Hack 2019Welcome to Asianhack 2019.
-Mr. Gentleman

Unveil your imagination with Asian Hack 2019

History of Hackathon

Hackathons have been around for at least 19 years, but there’s still debates about the first official use of the word hackathon. Reportedly the first hackathon was supposed to have happened on June 4, 1999, in Calgary, Canada. It was a group of 10 Open BSD developers to avoid legal problems caused due to the outreach of regulation about cryptographic software from the United State of America. And followed by other different events happened that year.

Kickoff in the mid to late 2000s, hackathons become significantly popular among private companies as a way to quick-fix their problems, generate new ideas and technologies. Many major companies were given birth by hackathons such as “GroupMe” which was sold to skype on $15 million afterwards, “nitobi” which was bought by Adobe in 2011.

Whenever this question strikes me “Why hackathon is necessary?” my mind certainly start giving these thoughts.Why Hackathon?

  • It helps participants to brainstorm and works on their imagination with proper guidance.
  • It allows participants to realize the importance of teamwork and working in deadline.
  • Encourage the participant’s creativity and allow them to explore themselves.
  • To expand the culture of the hackathon to solve the real-time problem in the real-world.
  • It also helps to encourage and create upcoming tech leaders.

In the quest for expanding the culture of the hackathon and connect all tech enthusiast students in college. Some senior undergraduate folks of Asian School of Management and Technology started the Intra-college “Asian Hack” in 2018. With the huge success of that event, they think of taking that to the National level and organize Nepal’s biggest inter-college hackathon “Asian Hack 2018”.

Now Asian School of Management and Technology is back with another edition of Asian Hack with the slogan of “Real Skills for Real World” which will eventually aim to encourage every tech enthusiastic students from all over the country to learn, unlearn and relearn different aspect of technologies and unveil their skill on problem-solving. Also winning a whooping amount sum and many more prizes.

Asian Hack 2019 Asian Hack 2019

To participate in this “Asian Hack 2019

How to Participate?


Format of Hackathon.

Hackathon generally begins with one or more presentation about the event also known as orientation, as well as the idea or theme is provided to the participants. Then the main work of the hackathon starts, which can last any time from several hours to several days. Hackathons are generally focused on a different framework, programming language, operating systems or API, which share a common end-goal of product or feature of addressing a certain requirement which helps to unleash the development of the real-world. Some hackathon also includes awarding prizes for the best-performer, best presentation, innovative idea to create a competitive element. Which encourage participants to experiment with their ideas, brainstorm, take risks and rise with a phenomenal solution which may bring revolution in the tech industry.

Some students even say “those things which they learn during hackathon may take 1 month to learn on college lecture”. So what are you thinking visit or participate in any hackathon to explore yourself, learn something new and make a new community with people having similar mindsets. With this positive energy, we can extend the culture of the hackathon in Nepal and works on real-time problems in the country.


Important Details

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Content Written By: Nischal Tiwari

Dipendra Laxmi Bahadur Chand Thakuri
CEO @ Vine Software Innovation Company (Pvt.) Ltd. (VSIC)
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