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Nepathya College is the only one College dedicated for IT education in the region managed by IT experts and Professionals. Nepathya College and its management team have specific vision to set an example in the field of teaching learning. We are so very much dedicated to nurture the students with the world class environment so our graduates will be highly sellable in the competitive labor market and even further mold them to IT entrepreneurs.

We seek best wishes, hope, help, trust and support from society for realization of vision to establish Nepathya, as a valued educational institute.

Dear Prospects, We want to convey a message to the student that Rupandehi is in no any sense less than Capital or Aboard for Education, and we can build this place even better and independent to any other city within and outside country for Academic Purpose. So we welcome you to join Nepathya College for the most attractive program on earth that is Information Technology and enrich your career. We here at Nepathya are so very empathetic to students that we are always concern about what students need to know after being graduated so that their skills can be sellable in Market with high value, or make them successful entrepreneurs and scholars.

Courses Offered

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