Saral Notes Entrance Mock Test – V

Saral Notes presents the “Saral Notes Entrance Mock Test -V” for B.Sc. CSIT, CMAT, BCA, and BIT to prepare and build confidence for the upcoming Entrance Exam of respective subjects by Tribhuvan University (TU). The venue and date of the examination are provided below. Anybody interested can appear in the exam.

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#freeexam (Anyone can appear)

Date: 2077/10/17 (Saturday) 


Time: 11:09 AM Onwards | Mode: Physical  | Type: Free

Venue: Nagarjuna College of IT,  Bangalamukhi-Sankhamul Rd, Lalitpur 



For more details: 9843681599


Note: 20% discount on the book of B.Sc. CSIT and BCA Entrance Book will be provided at the venue if you appear for the exam.

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