Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) Honors

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The hospitality industry encompasses a diversity of fields within the service industry, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, and others from the tourism industry. Hospitality Management not only concerns accommodation and food and beverage services but covers areas like meetings and events, gaming, entertainment and recreation, tourism services and visitor information. In such a broad-based industry, career opportunities are extensive. As the hotel and hospitality industry moves increasingly from a skill-based to a knowledge-based industry, higher learning has become increasingly critical to opening career doors and helping managers to be more fully attuned to the culture, services and competitive aspects of the sector.

Our curriculum covers studies and practical experience of hospitality management. Most importantly, after their studies which are tailored specifically to contemporary needs, our students are able to find jobs in the leading companies and associations hospitality industry. Usually, our graduates start with the operational position and are able to advance quickly to managerial positions for a successful career.

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