Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW)

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Bachelor of Arts in Social Work is a four year academic program under Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tribhuvan University. Major aim of this program is to produce generalist social workers to fulfill the need of contemporary Nepal as well as the world. In order to achieve this goal, it offers altogether 8 papers including compulsory field work, research work, academic writing and report writing courses in different semesters.

These courses, apart from core courses of social work, also include various required courses from related disciplines, and some optional courses in the third and fourth year including some specialization courses. In addition, there are few compulsory courses such as Nepali, English, Nepal Studies, and Academic Writing.

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program of Tribhuvan University prepares students for entry-level practice in social work. Social Work is one of the helping professions committed to improving people’s lives. Social workers may assist people in dealing with their relationships, in solving personal and family problems, or in improving the environment in their community. Social workers focus on social problems and the individual difficulties that arise from these social problems. These problems may include domestic violence, child abuse, unemployment, poor or no housing, disability, and serious illness. Most social workers work in organizations or agencies whose missions focus on helping people deal with one of more of these social problems in their lives.

BASW prepare graduates for service in the social work profession and for advanced study in social work and related disciplines.

The overall objective of the courses of bachelor level is to impart up-to-date knowledge of the basic theories and methods of Social Work to the students along with skills developed through
intensive field-work. The main objective is to provide general skilled human resources for social work in the context of Nepal. In addition, it also aims to inculcate in the students the spirit of
human rights and social justice. Thus, the overall objective of this level is to produce skilled human resources through developing professional skills among the students of this discipline at apar with those of other countries.

In specific the bachelor level Social Work program aims to develop the following:
• Understanding of the basic concepts of social work; principles, methods, and practice.
• Carry out research to identify the problems faced by the community people and possible
solutions to those problems.
• Developing the ability to identify major social problems in the context they are situated.
• Managing and utilizing the service system to solve the problem among those affected
• Developing self-awareness in relation to one’s own capability responding to problem

Year 1

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Basic Sociology for Social Work 3 100
Introduction to Social Work 3 100

Year 2

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Social Work Practice with Groups 3 100
Social Case Work Practice 3 100
Basic Psychology for Social Work 3 100

Year 3

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Social Issues and Leadership Development (Elective Course) 3 100
Social Issues and Leadership Development 3 100

Year 4

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Social Problem, Identifications and Interventions 3 100
Theoretical Ideologies of Social Work 3 100
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