Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

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Bachelors in Business Studies(BBS) is a four-year course affiliated to Tribhuvan University designed to provide the student with all sorts of knowledge in the field of management. Before, this programme was only three years. Now, TU, FOM (Faculty Of Management) has decided to run the BBS programme with 4 years. In Nepal, there are more than 465 colleges that offer BBS program.BBS program will have specialization in General Management, Marketing Management, Finance Accountancy, and Management Science.

The mission of the Course

The mission of the BBS course is to prepare the students to pursue career advancement in the field of management.

The main aim of the course can be enlisted as:

  • To develop a general management perspective and students into competent and responsible managers by providing them the required skills, abilities and necessary attitude.
  • Equip the students with conjectural knowledge of business and administration.
  • Develop a passionate environment and foundation for higher studies in management.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in the student by motivating them to explore.


The candidate applying for the BBS program:

  1. Should have successfully completed a twelve year of schooling in the science, management, or humanities stream or equivalent from any university, board or institution recognized by TU.
  2. Should have secured a minimum of the second division in their +2 or equivalent.
  3. Students from other faculties like Science and Arts, in order to join BBS, must have studied mathematics or economics and economics as a full paper at the intermediate level (10+2) program.
  4. Should have successfully passed the entrance examination conducted by TU securing at least 35% marks.
  5. Compiled with all the application procedures.

Admission Criteria

A student eligible to study the BBS course should collect and submit the admission form from any of the BBS colleges. The admission form generally opens during Shrawan / Bhadra every year.

Year 1

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Principles of Management 3 100
Accounting for Financial Analysis and Planning 3 100
Microeconomics 3 100
Business Statistics 3 100
Business English 3 100

Year 2

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Foundations of Human Resource Management 3 100
Fundamentals of Marketing 3 100
Cost and Management Accounting 3 100
Macroeconomics 3 100
Business Communication 3 100

Year 3

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Organizational Behavior 3 100
Taxation and Auditing 3 100
Business Environment and Strategy 3 100
Fundamentals of Financial Management 3 100
Business Law 3 100

Year 4

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Final Project 3 100
Business Research Methods 3 100
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