Bachelors of Information Management (BIM)

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Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) is a four-year academic program designed by Tribhuvan University (TU). In present scenario BIM is one of the highly scoped subjects. The demand for BIM students in the industry and IT (Information Technology) sector is also high. It is a very good subject which is the blend of two major subjects Management and IT. The course is totally composed of 40% management field and 60% IT field. It is also said that it is the blend of BBA and BIT or BCA.


The mission of the Course

  • To prepare IT professionals proficient in the use of computers and computing techniques in other to develop effective information systems to solve real-life problems in an organizational environment.
  • To develop student’s skills, and understand trends of software development and database management, so that they can analyze information systems and hence manage the information of the organization.
  • To provide professional education to students with the blend of information technology and managerial skills.
  • To prepare students to proceed onto the post-graduate level study in Information Management inside and outside the country.


  • Students who have passed 10+2 or equivalent examinations from the recognized academic institutes with second division (securing 45% and above) or 1.8 CGPA are eligible to enroll in this program. OR
  • Successfully completed a twelve years schooling or equivalent from any University, Board or Institution recognized by Tribhuvan University securing a minimum of the second division in the twelve-year schooling or equivalent.


Admission Criteria

Getting through the University Entrance Exam is mandatory for admission to BIM. Successful students in the University Entrance Exam should fill in the College Admission Form. Students who have filled in the University Entrance Exam forms in any other college are also eligible to apply anywhere.

For Details about New syllabus of BIM: Study Notes Nepal

Semester 1

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Basic Mathematics 3 100
Principal of Management 3 100
Digital Logic Design 3 100
Computer Information System 3 100
English-I 1 100

Semester 2

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Sociology for Business 3 100
Discrete Mathematics 3 100
Business Communication 3 100
Data Communication and Computer Network 3 100
Structured Programming 3 100

Semester 3

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Business Statistics 3 100
Computer Organization 3 100
Java Programming - I 3 100
Web Technology - I 3 100
Financial Accounting 3 100

Semester 4

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Database Management System 3 100
Web Technology - II 3 100
Data Structure and Algorithm with Java 3 100
Micro Economics 3 100
Cost and Management Accounting 3 100

Semester 5

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Fundamentals of Marketing 3 100
Advance Internet Working 3 100
Java Programming - II 3 100
Computer Graphics 3 100
Macro Economics 3 100

Semester 6

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Business Environment in Nepal 3 100
Human Resource Management 3 100
Summer Project 3 100
Software Engineering 3 100
Computer Security and Cyber Law 3 100

Semester 7

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Business Strategy 3 100
Operations Management 3 100
Organizational Behaviors 3 100
Artificial Intelligence 3 100
Object Oriented Analysis and Design 3 100

Semester 8

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Economics of Information & Communication 3 100
Internship 3 100
Elective II 3 100
Elective I 3 100
IT Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management 3 100
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