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As we have announced the article writing a long way ago. We have now officially provided the platform to create your idea and share it with the world. There is no boundary of age, profession, and nationality to write the articles. Anyone can be part of it. We have currently provided the article in 3 topics viz. Space Science, Technology and Tourism. You can write an article under these categories.



Space Science: The objective of the articles categorized under Space Science is to let the readers know more about the astronomy and related technology. It enhances the people to explore new ideas and learn about the ongoing research on the astronomy.  We are announcing the article writing for Space Science Technology and Research Organization (SSTRO).

Technology: The objective of the articles categorized under the technology is to know about the current technology and get information about the basic terms in technology.

Tourism: The objective of the articles is to explore about the hidden beauty and let the people know about the hidden treasures, history, culture, food, religion, sites, scenes, places, tribes and different aspect of Nepal. Talking in one word we are making people around the world to visit our country and know better about it. We are promoting Visit Year 2020 and making a contribution about it.


General Essence:

The article must have certain outlines and general rules you should follow to make it beautiful and flow. You must fulfill the following rules before writing the article.

  1. The article must have minimum words around 2500 and more than 3000 is preferable to provide the article with great follow.
  2. You cannot copy the article content from the Internet (You may take the inspiration). Your article will be checked for plagiarism.
  3. Use the appropriate photo. (Your own photos are preferable or you can use from the open source community for the photo.)
  4. The article should have proper starting flow and end.
  5. Your article should be submitted to saralnotesofficial@gmail.com.


Basic Outline

You can start the article by using the hook words and attract the readers. Try to be specific to point and simple. The general outline of the article contains sample blocks for tourism articles.

  • Hook Words
  • Introduction
  • History
  • Background
  • Why visit before you die?
  • Destination (for the place): How you can reach there from Kathmandu
  • Best Season to Visit.
  • Expenditure
  • Features
  • Testimonials
  • Conclusion
  • Some Words from Locals


You can write for the better using the following Tools


Rewards :

Based on your article quality, you’ll be awarded a handsome sum of money and your name will be featured in a respective blog.


SSTRO articles

  • Top 5 Black Holes Discovered so far
  • Black Holes, General Introduction
  • A mystery of Planet Earth
  • Amazing Facts about Space
  • How ISIS was made
  • Confusion about the landing of human on the moon.
  • SpaceX Science and Elon Musk.
  • The Theory of Everything
  • Universe
  • The Voyage of Mars
  • Voyager I and II
  • History of Time and Space
  • Biography of Albert Einstein
  • Inflation Theory
  • Biography of Stephen Hawking
  • Big Bang Theory and Conspiracy
  • Nasa’s moon calendar
  • Nasa’s event
  • ESA’s event
  • Facts about various Space Station.
  • Alien Life and outer Science.
  • Hidden facts of our galaxy.
  • Hidden facts about earth.
  • Hidden facts about the universe.
  • Hidden facts about other planets.


Technology Articles

  • The rise of new technology in Nepal
  • Outsourcing the products: ultimate profit source
  • The innovation of new technology
  • Why some company fail and some succeed
  • The major most have elements of Company.
  • How does technology grow in Nepal?
  • What will be the future of technology in words?
  • Coming Best Technology in 2018
  • Technology that dominates quickly
  • The sources of Millionaire: Products that are hard to replace
  • The rise of Facebook
  • Story Behind Twitter
  • Biography of some successful CEOs
  • Write about various successful products.
  • alibaba.com
  • amazon
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • The successful strategy of business growth.
  • Technological Millionaires
  • The search of ideas that can make you reach
  • Nepalese society towards technological innovation
  • Story of esewa
  • Story of merojob
  • Different events and place they will organize
  • Drones and their use in Nepal.
  • Tips about Computer
  • SEO and it’s market value
  • Digital Marketing
  • What is Bitcoin, Is it Bubble or Truth?
  • Know about Affiliate Marketing
  • Know about Digital Marketing


Tourism Articles

  • Beauty of Nepal
  • Your Locality
  • Food
  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Anything related to Nepal
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CEO @ Vine Software Innovation Company (Pvt.) Ltd. (VSIC)
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Batter to written by word file.For checking Grammarly and Plagiarism Checker.
Birendra Bhatta
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The VSIC is an excellency company for IT.
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Should it be write by hand or in laptop??

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