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5 Easiest Way to Make Beautiful Website

We are in the era of information technology. Whenever we get new terms, we immediately search for it on the internet. The need for the website have become essentials need for business as well as professional life. Lots of technical tools are available in the market to make your good presence on the internet. So, you don’t have to worry about spending a large sum of money on Web Development.
Before you make a website, you should have a clear and specific vision. When you are crystal clear about your vision, your thoughts are ready to change the perspective of your business. Now you can beautifully carve your website on the internet.
In this article, I will discuss the top 5 tools that can be helpful in designing the beautiful website.

1. Google Sites

Google Sites is a structured wiki and web page creation tool offered by Google Inc. The main aim of the Google Sites is for anyone to be able to create a simple website from collaborations of various editors. It started as “JotSpot” which offers enterprise Social Software. It is essentials for the social interactions within the members of organizations. This service is free of cost. If you are not a programmer but wants social interactions in your organizations, this is the best option for you.
You can go to sites.google.com to create one for you today.

Google Sites

– It is free of cost.
– Page elements can be arranged automatically on a grid layout by drag and drop.
– It has different levels of permissions (Owner, Editor, and Viewer).
– It easily Integrates with Google Drive, Google Maps and more.

– Useful for small domains.
– There is no support for custom CSS so, have limited styling options.
– There is a limitation in use of HTML code.
– Sites are not available where Google Services are restricted.


2. Wix

Wix.com founded in Israel in 2006 AD. It is a cloud-based web development platform developed by Wix. Through the use of online drag and drop tools, it allows users to create beautiful HTML5 websites and mobile sites.
Users can add the various like social plug-ins, e-commerce, online marketing, contact forms, e-mail marketing, and community forums to their websites by use of a variety of Wix-developed and third-party applications.
Based on the Adobe Flash, it is the best option to design a front end of the website. Wix websites don’t support on Apple iPad as well as some other mobile devices. It provides you the wix.com extensible website for free. For your custom domain, you must upgrade to Premium features. In premium features, users can remove Wix ads, add e-commerce capabilities, or buy extra data storage and bandwidth.

You can go to wix.com to create a beautiful website with Wix.


– It offers a large number of customizable website templates.
– Users also may opt to create their websites from scratch.
– It has a mobile editor to allow users to adjust their sites for mobile viewing.

– The user needs to upgrade for own domain name.
– Apple iPad and some other devices don’t support Wix design.
– Rather lots of Wix ads make the user leave the site.


3. Yola

Founded in Cape Town, South Africa, Yola is website building and web Hosting company located in San Fransico. The Yola helps many people to build the beautiful website by drag and drop features. Even the people with little or no programming and design knowledge can get benefit by using Yola.
You can get numbers of templates suitable for you by filling of general form regarding your information. After that you are in, to make your website. After creating a basic framework, you can get numbers of tools to style and design your website. You can get lots of third-party integrations like Google Maps, Paypal as well as Flickr to share your pictures.
You can upgrade for premium for as low as $49.95 yearly or $6.95 monthly. Premium features include own domain name, attractive templates, unlimited bandwidth and premium support.
You can visit yola.com to make a beautiful website with Yola.


– The users can build their sites with available templates.
– Similarly, the users can integrate easily with third-party.
– In addition, the users can create professional website at low cost.
– Lastly, The users can get Yola email services.

– Users need to upgrade for premium support.
– Similarly, users have to use the third-party tools only provided by Yola.
– Impressive templates need premium upgrades.


4. Intuit Website

Intuit established in 1983 is a service provider that helps people to grow and manage the business of the company. This website is one of the products of the Intuit Venture. It helps the people to connect their business online with the help of a website. The professional service has the easy to use tools to create templates from the experience designers.
It certainly offers the free trial of 30 days, after which one needs to upgrade their accounts in the business or professional package. It costs around $5 monthly. These packages consist of own domains, Online selling tools as well as SEO tools to organize and manage your business.
You can visit the prod.atg.intuit.com/websites/design-a-websites to try your Intuit website today.


– Design a website by yourself with pre-built templates.
– Users can customize a design with help from Intuit team.
– Similarly, users can add text and images or even a blog, with the click of a button.

– Needs to pay for premium supports after 30 days.
– Needs to share your information with the company.
– In Addition, users can only get pro templates on upgrades.


5. Jimdo

Jimdo based in Hamburg, Germany is the web hosting service company that offers the free website design that can make you beautiful website equivalent to a professional web designer. On the basic package, it gives custom URL address as www.yourname.jimdofree.com with 500MB storage, 2GB bandwidth as well as HTTPS Encryption. For an online store, you can list up to 5 items in your site.
For own domain names, one has to take the Jimdo Pro or Jimdo Business package. In these packages, you don’t have to see advertisements and receive additional spaces. I suggest upgrading to pro pack at the minimum of $5 a month to enjoy great templates and outstanding services. If you want to make a unique website than others, Jimdo is the best choice you got.
So, you can visit jimdo.com to start your beautiful Jimdo website today.


– The users can certainly create a beautiful website for free.
– It is available in 8 different languages.
– Jimdo website builder for mobiles helps to make a responsive design.

– More features need upgrades.
– Beautiful templates are only available in business packages.
– Needs at least business packages for own domains.

At last, In this article, we discuss the tools that help to create beautiful websites. With these, there are other technologies by which you can design beautiful websites. The choice depends upon the user that wants to build a website. The selection also provides an option to select the best tools.

Finally, a beautiful website is never the dream anymore.

Dipendra Laxmi Bahadur Chand Thakuri
CEO @ Vine Software Innovation Company (Pvt.) Ltd. (VSIC)
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