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How to register a free Domain Name ?


How to register a free domain name?

For registering the free domain name following article will help you. Let’s start

It’s easy for us to type the “saralnotes.com” rather than typing ““. The server has space denoted by the IP Address for storing the files of websites. The IP Address is hard to remember for us. So, the Domain Name came into existence which maps the IP Address with the provided name.

There are various kinds of domain name category viz. com, edu, org, biz. They are top-level domain name which categorizes their own functionality. For example, com represents the commercial sites, edu represents the education sites, org represents the organizational site, and so on. Similarly, there is another domain that represents the country domain name like com.np, edu.np, co.uk. They represent a specific country like np for Nepal, uk for Britain, us for the USA, etc.

For Nepal, the country domain is provided by the Mercantile upon the proper documents and letters to the individuals and company. So, you can freely register your domain with Mercantile. In this article, you’ll learn about the procedure of how to register your domain.

What is a Name Server?

The Name Server is the server that maps your domain name with the respective IP address where your files are hosted in the server. You must provide an authentic domain name to process the Domain Registration Process.

Registering Process

Now, we’ll go through the process of registering our first domain name with the mercantile.

1. Go to Mercantile Domain Registration Page: https://register.com.np/. If you have an account with Mercantile you can log in to your dashboard otherwise you must create one to continue your domain registration task.

2. Search for the available domain, You must enter at least three words for a domain name and choose the top-level domain from the option on your right side. If your chosen domain name is not available you can try for another one and If your domain is available you can click on the Register button to continue.

3. Now you must provide the DNS Address (Primary and Secondary) you must certainly write the domain name of the DNS Server. You cannot use IP Address for this like

4. Fill in the administrative Contact that includes your Full Name, Organization Name, Country, Province/ State, City, Post Box, Address, Email, Phone No, and Telephone. You can leave other fields and fill out the compulsory fields marked with Asterisk (*).

5. For Technical Contact you can check the Copy administrative contact Box, which copies all the details you filled in the Administrative Contact, They are different if you are registering for another company or person. Now, Click on Save & Continue for the further option.

6. Finally, you need to upload your Citizenship Document and Cover Letter in JPG format which should be less than 800 KB in size. For upload, you can select the type first and Choose a file from your device.

7. After you upload your required files, the “Request Domain” will appear at the button, and click on that to register the Domain.

Based on the Working Days your domain name will get register within 2 days at maximum, If your request is rejected, you can continue the same steps again with fixing the errors.

The difference in Documents between Company and Personal Domain Name

If you are registering for the company you must include the Company registration certificate instead of Citizenship and your Cover Letter must be in the Letter Head of Company with proper Stamp of the Company and authorized signature.

Sample Letter 

At last, You can download the sample letter from here.


The domain name is essential in today’s need to show your work portfolio and help others to know you in a better way. Therefore, you must try to register a domain and display your works. Who knows if you’ll be next to create a new technological impact.

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