How to make your account on Saral Notes?


Saral Notes is an educational platform of Vine Software Innovation Company for all the learners and tutors who want to learn something new today. You can get all the notes including the handwritten notes, videos, presentations, slides, pdf, lab sheets, eBooks, etc. based on the syllabus of courses. The users must be first logged in into our website to access these data. The steps below show the complete procedure to log in to the site.

Normally you don’t need the signup for the other purposes. You need the account in order to view the notes and such contents.


Step 1:

First of all, go to your default browser and enter on your new tab.

 Saral Notes Tab

Step 2:

The Home page of Saral Notes opens in the browser.

Saral Notes Home Page

Step 3:

You can see the Login and Signup button on the top right corner of the page. If you had already signed up, then you can log in using your username and password by clicking on the Login button.

Otherwise, click on the Signup button, then a registration form appears.


Step 4:

Now, enter a unique username along with a genuine email that is required as the registration confirmation appears in your email. Select your profession, teacher or student and select the college with which you are associated with. If you cannot find your college name, you can contact or message Saral Notes.

Step 4 - Signup

Step 5:

When you click on the register button, after a few seconds you get a mail on your account provided before. Check the Spam box, if you cannot find the email in the inbox. and if it is in the spam box, you can click on “Report not Spam”, so that you can see the future news from us. Now, on your new tab, open Gmail and click on the message sent by [email protected].


Step 6:

To set your password, click on the link provided. After clicking, it will redirect you into the next page where you have to enter your new password and click on the Reset Password button.

Step 6 - Setup Password


Step 7:

The new password has been reset, and the following page appears. Click on the Log in button.

Step 7 - Login Link

Step 8:

Click on Log in with username and password. Use your correct username or email and the password to log in successfully.

Step 8- Login


Finally, you have successfully signed up an account. You are now a member of  Saral Notes. You can now quickly get access to all the data and can help other members by uploading the solution to a particular problem. On the top right corner, you can get details about your profile by clicking on the Profile button.


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