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How can you be happy ?

Author: Anik Balami

Our life has its own spell to drive the way we want to be. It must go through up and down, happiness and sorrow and so on. What we put is the result what we get in our life. People have its own way of living and lifestyle which can be sometimes pervaded by the darkness of truth and conspiracy or something negative factor that may be the reason for sadness and despair. So, here are the things that we can do to make our life happy and delight.

Take it positively

You can deny facts that all of us must be been through harsh, agitation and dissatisfaction. One must think positively and have a hope of getting something in his/ her life. You can make your dream come true and solve the problem easily by tackling if you become optimistic.

Make other happy in life

Our life is god gifted, we have some ethics and responsibility in the name of humanity and society. One cannot be always happy by fulfilling his/her requirements and needs. We have to be socialized in order to have a smile on our face. You can sacrifice a small part of your time and effort to conquer the sadness. If all become happy then one does not have to worry and feel embarrassed.

Give up if it is too hard

People are more worried and anxious in today’s world. Though they have invented and discovered, it is because of hard work and continuous effort through many fails and rejection. If we want to be happy then we have to try up to certain limitation. We should not give pressure to our mind to work beyond our limitation.


Laugh and have fun

Laugh has its own scientific fact on healthy and prosperous life. We have to laugh at ourselves and need to enjoy a small moment of our life. We are immortal so we have to enjoy every moment that it becomes memorable since our life is precious. You are the reason for sad and miserable life. Enjoy with your friend and family, share feelings and emotion. Learn to respect love and try to enjoy though you have difficult moment in your way.

Pursue your passion in life

Most of us are in the great dilemma to choose right profession. They get depressed and anxious once they get mature. It is due to responsibilities, accountability, compulsory or other factors. You should choose the work or occupation that fits you not what you don’t like. Your passion belongs to your fulfillment of a dream. You have to wise enough to choose what you want and what you want to be that fits you though you have uncertainties and negative environment. You can become happy at that time when you will realize that you are on the right path. Just ignore all the things and work hard passionately. At last somehow the success can grab your feet ultimately.

Be humble and stop comparing Yourself

Human beings are strongly curious and concern about being at the top wants to gain name and fame, love to be respected by others. Sometimes it may lead to a devastating situation that may ruin his/her life. If you want to be happy then you must love yourself no matter whether you are ugly, dull, stupid, poor, brainless and so on. You have to love yourself about what you have or what you are right now. Don’t worry about and jealous of other lifestyle and living standard. Nothing is permanent in this world one thing You must know everybody turns come since the earth is round shape, something like that.

Take less stress in life

We take more stress on unnecessary things which are not part of a happy lifestyle. Modern world more focuses on work and money rather than self-improvement, refreshment, and happiness. Give some time to your self-development. You can meditate, travel, listen to music, read and watch stuff, play games and sports, have a good time with family and friends.

Forget past and let it go

Our yesterday certainly does not determine our tomorrow’s. No matter what we have done in our past or what we went through, we should try to forget that events and incidents. You should start the new journey with new hope, great determination, and expertness. Thus, you are never late to start new journey unless you are surrounded by negative feelings and emotions.

Listen to your heart and hold values

You are the master of yourself if your heart connects with the brain. Listen to other opinions and advice, then follow judgment made by your heart. You should not think about what other thinks about you rather you must think about yourself. You can certainly make a correct judgment that on the basis of fair or unfair. In addition, You should hold your own opinions and make a correct decision on right time.

Be ready for the change

At last, most of the people afraid and hesitate to rely on changing an environment. You should change time to time for adaptation in the environment. If you don’t accept change, you feel something weird about the world see you in another way. So always be ready to accept the truth and listen to other before you talk or make a decision.


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