Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA – TU)

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Bachelor of Arts in Computer Applications  (BCA) is a four year academic program designed by Tribhuvan University (TU) under Faculty of Human and Social Science (FOHSS) . BCA program was launched from the academic year 2074/75 through its 6 constituent campuses and 35 seats were allocated for each of the campuses. Currently  more than 125 Colleges are running BCA program with the affiliation from Tribhuvan University.

Purbanchal University and Pokhara University are also running BCA program in Nepal.

The mission of the Course

This course  is focused to creation and dissemination of knowledge for students to master them on the latest technologies and service to humanity through its quality education and innovative approaches in practice.

To prepare IT professionals proficient in the used of computers and computing techniques in other to develop effective information systems to solve real life problems in an organizational environment.


The eligibility of the students to engage in the BCA is so designed that even the students from Humanities can pursue their career in Information Technology.Students who have passed PCL or + 2 or equivalent examinations  with minimum 45% marks  or 2 CGPA (not less than D+ in single Subject) are eligible for admission in BCA program of Tribhuvan University.

Admission Criteria

Getting through the University Entrance Exam is necessery  for admission in BCA.Successful students in the University Entrance Exam should fill in the College Admission Form. Students who have filled in the University Entrance Exam forms in any other college are also eligible to apply anyhere.


Semester 1

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Network Programming 3 100
Digital Logic 3 100
Mathematics I 3 100
English I 3 100
Society and Technology 3 100

Semester 2

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Microprocessor and Computer Architecture 3 100
Mathematics II 3 100
English II 3 100
Financial Accounting 3 100
C Programming 3 100

Semester 3

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
System Analysis and Design 3 100
Web Technology 3 100
OOP with Java 3 100
Probability and Statistics 3 100
Data Structure and Algorithms 3 100

Semester 4

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Project I 3 100
Database Management System 3 100
Scripting Language 3 100
Software Engineering 3 100
Numerical Methods 3 100

Semester 5

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Computer Graphics and Animation 3 100
Introduction to Managemnent 3 100
Computer Networking 3 100
DotNet Technology 3 100
MIS and e-Business 3 100

Semester 6

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Project II 3 100
Advance Java Programming 3 100
Applied Economics 3 100
Distributed System 3 100
Mobile Programming 3 100

Semester 7

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Elective II 3 100
Elective I 3 100
Internship 3 100
Cloud Computing 3 100
Cyber Law and Professional Ethics 3 100

Semester 8

Subjects Credit Hours Full Marks
Elective IV 3 100
Elective III 3 100
Project III 3 100
Operations Research 3 100
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