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Technology in helping people to celebrate the happiness.

“WOW, It’s yummy and yes I love you, dear.”

It was 8 PM already and I was engaged in some serious business meeting and suddenly

I realized that it’s her birthday and I haven’t arranged the cake and gift. Shit. I forget this again. I’m not good at numbers by the way. Even I forget my birthday most of the time, but for her, it’s really special and important. I become so confused and frightened as I don’t want any scene in this kind of special occasion. My colleague was observing me and asked me reason about the sudden blackout of my face. When I explained all story to him, he just simply suggest me to order from the yourkoseli.com. Believing him, I order Red Velvet Cake and a Teddy Bear. Finally, before 10 PM, I got my cake and gift from Yourkoseli and all things went as normal or more than that. It saved me and I was able to get that reply.


What is Yourkoseli?

Yourkoseli is one of the best online cake delivery services in Nepal. One can send the cakes to anyone in Nepal even from outside the country as they have the provision of accepting the payment from PayPal also. Currently, the cake delivery service is available in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan. The use of technology to provide happiness and helping create good memories is what YourKoseli is doing for its customer. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or any special occasions, they have the beautifully carved cakes you will fall in love with.

1000 Cakes of Your Koseli

Why is it special?

The way Yourkoseli has used the technology to create a link with the people and helping in celebrate their happiness has won the heart of many people. A few weeks ago, they have also celebrated their 1000th Cake Order. Within the short period of initialization, they have proved themselves as the top competitors in the online cake and gift shop.

Your Koseli

Modes of Payment

The payment of YourKoseli can be done via PayPal and eSewa. Apart from that they also have the provision for transferring the amount to the Bank Account or Cash on Delivery. You can mail the transaction receipt at [email protected].

Bank Details:
Bank Name: Kumari Bank Limited (Swift : KMBLNPKA)
Account Holder’s Name: Ashok Chhetri
Account Number: 0100041159700001
Branch: Gongabu Branch (Kathmandu)
Phone No: 9860079333

Esewa Details:
Esewa Id: 9843613265

Today, we get another office anniversary, and I’m ringing Yourkoseli for the celebration. Stay happy and fulfilled keep on ordering from YourKoseli.

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Dipendra Laxmi Bahadur Chand Thakuri
CEO @ Vine Software Innovation Company (Pvt.) Ltd. (VSIC)
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