Mid Western University (MU)


Mid-Western University (MWU) is an autonomous and public institution of higher learning with the mission to serve the people of Nepal and enrich the global learning community by extending the advantages of higher education. Established by the Government of Nepal with a Parliament Act on June 17, 2010, A. D.

Mid-western University (MU) enjoys a strong support from the existing campuses throughout this region: land, property, human resource, and students of the existing Tribhuvan University’s affiliated campuses in the region have been merged under MId Western University.

At present, Mid-western University offers different academic programs, both at undergraduate and graduate level, in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences, Educational Sciences, Science and Technology and Management studies.

Mid-western University has adopted a semester system ‎based curriculum. At undergraduate level, ‎Bachelor’s degrees are of four-year courses spread over eight semesters, while at ‎graduate level Master’s degrees are of two-year courses extended in four ‎semesters.


Website: https://www.mwu.edu.np/

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