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New Summit College

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New Summit College

New Summit College is a well-established educational institution in the prime location of Kathmandu city. It runs as an associate of KMC Educational Network, a team of young and dynamic educators consisting of scholars, educationalists, and professionals.



Established in 2064 B.S. by a team of professionals, NEW SUMMIT College has been growing as one of the best private colleges in Kathmandu, Nepal in the fields of Management, Science, and Information Technology. The College has successfully marked its glorious academic history of 13 years. Currently, the college has six different academic programs in operation. It runs Bachelors Level programs  BSc.CSIT, BCA, BBM (affiliated to Tribhuvan University).

Academic Result

The academic result of the college is consistently excellent throughout its history. The excellence of students is not confined only to the premises of the college. They have won partial and full scholarships to different universities at home and abroad in diverse subjects.

Nowadays, international boundaries are growing smaller and businesses are becoming global. In every field smart personality, cutting-edge knowledge, and skills in Science, Management, and Information Technology are required to become a successful man. It is essential for quality education and higher education to be accessible to all in the community and not limited to the select few who are the ablest to take advantage of it. The college, therefore, gives equal opportunity to all to make their dreams come true by uniting their minds and hearts.

New Summit College gives students the courage to face intellectual, moral, spiritual, and physical challenges and act boldly on the beliefs and virtues we teach. At the college students get a suitable environment to grow and flourish originality, inventiveness, and creativity. All the physical facilities available encourage them to develop and hone their talents and let their imaginations roam free. It supports students to invent, create, explore and imagine.


To establish and develop such an academic center where the blend of Science, Management, and Humanities stands as the bedrock in pursuit of nation-building.


  • To build a legacy of excellence by providing theoretical and practical education;
  • To develop future scientists, managers, and entrepreneurs through innovative, creative, and value-based academic practices;
  • To initiate a sense of social responsibility in the mind of the new generation through the activities of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and
  • To produce skillful human resources in the area of productive and professional jobs.


  • To develop graduates in the area of science, management, and information technology through optimum utilization of human and physical resources of the college;
  • To provide globally competent education in a disciplined environment with utmost personal caring;
  • To create a conducive learning environment to groom out the inner talent of the students and
  • To maintain a corporate relationship with different academic institutions and universities of home and abroad.

Courses Offered

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