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Swastik College, the School of Computer Science and Application, was founded in 2013 by the team of academicians and young entrepreneurs. It is located at Chardobato, Gattaghar, Bhaktapur. Currently, Swastik College is running Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc CSIT) and Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA). From 2019, F1Soft has invested in Swastik College to produce highly competent IT professionals from Swastik College and to fulfill the gap between IT education and IT industries.

It was established for the sole purpose of facilitating students’ progression, both academic and practical, by developing knowledge, key skill sets and the capacity for independent and lifelong learning. We believe in building students’ intelligence, ingenuity, inventiveness and independence as well as communication skills. Swastik College put a conscious effort to foster students’ endeavors in pursuit of developing their problem-solving skills and expertise. We have right human resources and tools to develop multifaceted expertise in our students which will keep them prepared for the forthcoming challenges in the real world.


To transform the college into the hub of Computer Science and Information Technology both in theory and practice in pursuit of knowledge to the next generation and to advance as internationally recognized academic institutions.


To build a center of academic excellence through advanced theories and practices.
To produce competent professionals and entrepreneurs through innovative, creative and value-based academic practices.
To develop as a R&D and incubation center for fostering IT innovations based quality research output.
10 Facts About Swastik

Established in 2013

Experienced Faculty

Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach

Qualified Management Team

Innovative environment

Well-equipped labs

Adequate Extra-Curricular Activities and exposure

Professional Training & Internships opportunities

100% placements after completion of a Bachelor’s Degree

Placements in F1Soft and eSewa



Courses Offered

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