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Google Docs and Its Benefits.

Google Docs is an online version collaborating Word Document, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentation and Mix Video Presentation. Google Docs was developed by Google and written in javascript. Docs provide various tools such as a dictionary, Voice typing as well as many other tools. It is easy to learn i.e you can simply go to docs.google.com  and get it started. We can format and edit text the file it can be downloaded in various format. We can share documents with multiple people by using their email ID.


Some benefits using Google docs are: We can simply create web forms without typing any code just in a single edit. In Google docs, 3 permissions are given while sharing documents. They are edit, comment, and view. First of all, In edit mode we can edit the document, in comment mode, we can comment and view the document and in view mode, we can only view the document.

docs iconDemerits

Talking about the demerit of google docs its main disadvantage is, it works only if the internet is connected.


My experience with google docs is so much exciting. While working with it I enjoy making web forms, evaluating responses, formatting text, adding images, preparing slides and as well as exploring spreadsheets.

Other Benefits

The major benefit of docs is it keeps everything and everyone on the same page. It collaborates all the team members in one single page where they can perform their task as a group. Docs have cut off the boundaries of distance to do a work in a team. Team members living in a different region can accomplish the same task with the help of google docs.

Some frequently used shortcuts in google docs are:

Used For Shortcuts
Bold Text

Italic Text

Underline Text

Justified Text

Right Align Text

Left Align Text

Center Align Text

Numbered List

Bulleted List

Decrease Indent

Increase Indent

Clear formatting













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