How to upload your notes in Saral Notes?

Do you have the notes of any courses our website is missing??

Then, please feel free to help other learners by uploading it right now. But, first, have you signed up???

If not, then click here.

Saral Notes is an educational platform created by Vine Software Innovation Company (VSIC) for all the learners and tutors to learn something new today. We are trying our best to provide you with all the best possible notes that we can get to help you with your studies. Our website now also has provided the service for every member to upload the notes they have if they want. The data can be uploaded easily with the help of the steps below. The uploaded reports are only visible to other members only after our team views and verify it.

            We are also trying to introduce “Saral Coins” on our next update as soon as possible. On every upload, after being verified by our team, you will be rewarded with the online Saral Coins which you can redeem to get various gifts according to the total number of coins. The total coins you collected gets displayed on your profile.

You can upload the files using the following steps:

Step 1:

On the homepage of Saral Notes, click on the Upload button on the top right corner.

Step 1 - Upload

Step 2:

Now, click on the Choose File button and choose the file you want to upload.

Step 3 - Upload Dialog

Step 3:

After choosing the file, you wanted, you have to click on the Upload PDF button.

Step 3 - Upload PDF

Step 4:

After some seconds, The red color becomes green and a dialog appears as “You are ready to go.”


Step 5:

Now, it’s straight forward from here. Just give the accurate details about the file you posted along with the associated level, courses, semester and associated subject and click on the Save button.

Details of the Notes.

Step 6:

The page gets redirected to the profile page where you can see your uploaded file. You can see that file, but other members are not able to see this upload until this is reviewed and certified by our internal team. This reviewing process may take time based on the contents on that upload. It may take 2 hours to 2 days to get your upload verified. After complete verification, you have successfully uploaded the notes or solutions to a particular course.



Congrats!!! You have put a small effort to help others. This is just the beginning. Feel free to upload any time. These uploads might be important for many members who are struggling to find the perfect solutions. You can be the learner as well as the tutor. You can upload as much as you want.

Message us if you have any queries.

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