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Pashupati Multiple Campus

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Pashupati Campus was established with the commitment and initiative of the education loving dedicated intellectuals with a sole aim of catering to quality education at an affordable fee structure.
The history of the campus dates back to the strenuous time when it first ran its evening classes in the then MitraMandal of the PashupatiMitra Secondary School. The Campus since establishment covered a long journey to see its tremendous success of having a large building of its own to have students from all 75 districts. The success of the institution is attributed to the social workers hereof without whose contribution it would never see its present progress.
The campus gloriously received affiliation to TU with permission to run Proficiency Certificate Level Classes in the Humanities stream in Bhadra 24 of 2037 B.S( 1st Feb.1981). Its strength then was a total of 18 teachers, 164 students and 6 campus officials. Because it was established in the area of Lord Pashupatinath, the lord of the Hindus, the campus derives its name and is known as the oldest campus to be established around this area. The logo of the campus is composed of the picture of Pashupatinath encircled with the divine wording of knowledge and decorum.
Leaping like an elephant, the institution obtained permission to run classes PCL in management in 2041, Bachelors Level classes in Humanities in 2045, Bachelors level Classes in management in 2047, Higher Secondary Classes in 2052, B.Ed Classes in 2058 and Masters Degree Classes in Sociology and Anthropology, Nepali and Management. The campus has created its own history and it now stands gracefully in its own large building with 105 classrooms. It has also been able to purchase as much as 28 ropanies of land in Kapan VDC ward No. 8. With 7500 students, 146 teaching staff and 35 officials, the campus is aspiring to have the status of Pashupati University.


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