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Janamaitri Multiple Campus

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Founded in 2047 BS and promoted by an efficient team of reputed professionals, academicians and social workers, Janamaitri Multiple Campus (JMC) has been recognized and admired as one of the pioneering academic institutions of the nation. As a purely public organization, the college feels responsible towards public, society and the nation. The ideally located pollution free surrounding of Kuleshwor Height has been considered a studentoriented center of learning only by virtue of JMC. The college has extended its physical facilities with a purchase of a wide field at the center of locality for the extension of higher/university education in various subjects and disciplines

JMC has become successful to prove that quality education is not the outcome of high financial investments but the consequence of sound labor of weariless students, dedicated faculties and efficient management. Conducive academic environment, mutual understanding, high level intellectual workshop, multimedia use etc. are some of the numerous features of JMC that prove it an ideal educational institution with a difference. Above 3000 students of +2, Bachelor’s and Master’s level make an easy answer to why one must step JMC for quality education in considerably reasonable expenses. College has offered the free-ships to more than three hundred meritorious and under-privileged students per annum as remarkable service to the nation.

JMC has been guided by the shared vision and collaborative efforts of all the stakeholders so as to face the challenges of globalized world. The college has succeeded to take a glorious leap in academia with the Master’s program in Management (MBS) and Education (M Ed in English and Nepali)..

Our Objectives

  •  To instill in students’ questioning spirits, sense of responsibility, learning attitude.
  •  To impart quality education through practical classes.
  •  To encourage a sense of self-discipline, confidence and to develop a multidimensional personality.
  •  To enable the students to achieve academic excellence so as to cope with all the complexities of life.
  • To ensure a sense of brotherhood, cooperation and mutual understanding.


Highly qualified, experienced and competent faculties Innovative and participatory teaching methodology with multimedia
Regular and systematic internal evaluation schemes Personalized education Remedial classes for the weak and needy students
Fully equipped and well facilitated library and laboratories Large spacious classrooms and ideale ducational environment Affordable fees and scholarships for the meritorious students Regular counseling service and intellectual workshops Periodical sports and other extracurricular activities Extensive subject choice and career oriented courses Project works and periodical field trips for technical subjects.

Guiding Principles

Committed to the all-round development of the students so as to produce most responsible and skilled citizens to the nation. Committed to run all the programs on cost recovery basis. Responsible to the people and the nation. Priotise to the students from socially backwarded communities and ethnic groups and provide them with freeships and scholarships on a regular basis. Conduct research oriented activities. Enhance extracurricular activities in a regular basis. Believe in team spirit. Facilitate a creative participation and constructive suggestions from all the stakeholders of the college.

Courses Offered

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