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Sahara Campus

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Sahara Campus is affiliated to Tribhuvan University. Since an independent institution of higher education was a cherished dream of the people of this area, people of Mid-west region particularly showed an amazing instance of contribution to the fundraising program geared to the establishment of Sahara Campus. It is the product of profound interest of academicians in this area.

The vision of Sahara Campus is to establish the institution as one of a leading and vibrant educational center of innovation and learning, imparting quality education across all levels. Which will enhance the quality of higher education and research in the region and nation through the involvement of local bodies, social, local community and other concerned personalities. It will be widely recognized for the quality of its educational and research programs.


  • To create and disseminate knowledge through teaching, learning and creative research and to supply highly competent, innovative, capitalist manpower to the society.
  • To serve the students by teaching them problem solving leadership and teamwork skills.
  • To serve the competitive manpower by offering with quality education and research programs.
  • To provide the quality education of higher level access to the higher education

Courses Offered

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